1. gutylegs

    check some pics..and then go to the video..just what i tought…shes having a lot of fun !!! thank u so much…both!

  2. Supersharkman

    I can tell Scarlett has a great personality in this video! The song choice was excellent. You should do more, what a great VIP exclusive! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  3. ScreaminEagle

    Your as Beautiful & Charismatic (not to mention Seductive) in “action” as you are in “stills” – Wud be delighted if there was another real soon, with “commentary” – or, are you being as “mysterious” about your voice as you are in your tantalizing photos ?

  4. scarlett

    Sorry for the Firefox issue guys. Should be fixed now. Firefox still needs to use Flash to play the video, since it doesn’t support h.264, and there was a small issue with the way Flash was referencing the file.

    Thanks for all the feedback on the video. :)

  5. helium45

    as others have stated, video won’t load in firefox. i tried with chrome instead and it worked.

  6. StuartNG

    Someone once said that “Blondes have more fun”. I think you have disproved that theory….great work with more to follow?

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